what we stand for

The Port Work Innovation Hub welcomes innovative companies that share our goal of making the port of Antwerp a safer workplace. We believe that by combining expertise from within the port community and beyond, we can overcome the key safety challenges facing our workplace. The Port Work Innovation Hub can help companies develop their innovative solutions by sharing its knowledge and network and granting access to the port infrastructure to test ideas and projects.

our focus

We welcome innovative companies – especially SMEs and startups – that develop products, services or training to secure a safe port environment. These projects should focus on improving work safety for port workers by reducing the key safety risks. Focus of the innovations:


The port of Antwerp is renowned for its flexibility and productivity. Our employees are our key assets. Goods are loaded and unloaded in Antwerp by more than 9,000 port workers. Each specializes in a specific part of this logistic process.


Our port companies have high demands when it comes to a safe working environment. They invest in different technologies, training and services so their employees can operate in safety.

risk driven

The port is not an ordinary working environment. The workers handle different types of cargo, use large equipment, work on foreign vessels … The work can involve specific risks. The Port Work Innovation Hub aims to further reduce the impact of the key safety risks in the port of Antwerp.

ready to join in?

Excited to join us in building a safer working environment in the port of Antwerp? The Port Work Innovation Hub can help you validate and grow your safety solutions.

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who we are

Port Work Innovation Hub is an initiative by Cepa cv, a cooperative organization of private port operators in the port of Antwerp. Together with its member companies, Cepa aims to continuously improve safe working conditions for its employees.

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